Where to apply for GTMA?

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/ea94GYzeMPuaF5IY2 

Why should you apply to GTMA?

Joining the Georgia Tech Marketing Association provides Scheller Marketing students and other students interested in marketing various opportunities throughout the year to develop, network, and engage with the marketing business industry in Atlanta, Georgia as well as across the state and nation.

How to join GTMA?

Fill out the application and then meet the following requirements:

1. Send resume as a pdf document to georgiatechmarketing@gmail.com.

2. Become a member of American Marketing Association and pay national AMA dues of $47. You MUST email your confirmation/member ID number to georgiatechmarketing@gmail.com.

3. Pay GTMA Dues of $10 via venmo, cash, or check.

4. Attend all bi-weekly meetings (1 absence allowed).

5. Attend at least one GTMA event outside of regular meetings.